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Hair styling products to create any desired style: formulated with ingredients healthy... 


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This art and industry has transformed my life. It’s given me the opportunity to design a life filled with passion and purpose, allowing me to be the best version of myself for others. I manage the business and cut hair to the best of my ability have learned this profession is much more than providing “just an haircut”. It’s about building relationships, giving a great overall experience, and setting clients up for their hair care routine at home as well. Part of that routine require products that will best fit the clients style as well as making sense of how to use the products to best fit their lifestyle. I've had my hands in a lot of different products to know what I like to work with and what works for others. To provide another layer of value to my clients and now many others, I've set out to find a lab that can formulate high quality products true to my experience and knowledge in the field. Made from premium ingredients for an exemplary creation, Larz Grooming brings professional products into your homes. Enjoy!

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My wife and I operate our very own 2 chair "his and hers" full-service salon and barbershop which invites our guests into a timeless relationship and experience. A husband-and-wife duo who complement each other, not just in life but in professional service, knowledge, and technical skill. We're here to offer a personable, caring, and customized experience for you and your family.

The Larz's Barbershop experience is now available every Thursday & Friday at Field Day Social in beautiful downtown Morris, IL.

Est. 2017

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